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Embroidery terms used on this web site and when discussing embroidery in general may be terms you have not encountered before, or their meaning may not be entirely clear. The purpose of the "Info Center" is to give you the customer a better understanding of the terms and definitions used in order to allow Seabreeze Embroidery to better assist you as our customer.

Digitizing software tells the embroidery machine where to put the needle (punch). A digital image cannot, by itself, tell the needle where to “punch”. An image (i.e. lettering, logo, picture etc.) must first be turned into a language (programmed) that can tell the needle where to “punch”. This is why most embroidery shops must first take your image and “digitize” it for use on the embroidery machine. To avoid or lower digitizing costs Bayside Embroidery can use “digitized” images that you may already possess, or you may desire to use a “digitized” image that Seabreeze Embroidery owns (some examples are in the “Samples” section of this web-site).

Stitch Count:
Another component of the cost for embroidery is Stitch Count. Stitch Count is measured by the thousands. The embroidery price is generally based on stitch count per thousand stitches. An average “left chest” stitch count size is anywhere between 5 thousand and 7 thousand stitches.

Left Chest:
“Left chest” is the typical placement of a logo, name or lettering on a garment (i.e. shirt, jacket or sweatshirt).

Lettering Height:
Embroidered lettering looks best when the lettering height is a quarter inch or higher.

Hat Types:
The embroidered area for a hat is limited by the type of hat. Hat types include “structured”, “un-structured”, “high profile” and “low profile”.

Structured Hat:
Ball cap or hat with structure (stiffness from firm material backing) behind the crown. A structured hat will sit higher on a person’s head.

Unstructured Hat:
Ball cap or hat that is floppy with little or no backing behind the crown. An unstructured hat sits lower on a person’s head. Most “bucket” hats are unstructured.

Bucket Hat:
A hat without a bill (ball caps have bills). Bucket hats generally are “fishing” hats. “Gilligan of “Gilligan’s Island always wore a “bucket hat”.

Knit Types:
Most shirts are of the following knit types: Jersey knit, woven, or pique.

Jersey Knit:
Jersey knit has a more smooth finish or touch. Polo shirts are typically Jersey knit with a collar and 3 button placket. Polo shirts come with a pocket or without.

Woven is denim or twill.

Pique has a bumpier more open weave. Polo shirts may also be of pique.
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